Jim McCombie

I work for the NHS and in my spare time am a self taught artist. I draw inspiration for my work from ancient Celtic art found in stone carvings and illuminated manuscripts. These traditional zoomorphic themes have been brought to life in a unique, colourful, three dimensional and deconstructed form which I have explored and developed over a number of years. The images are executed in oils on canvas using the Flemish technique of monochrome underpainting followed by many subsequent layers of transparent colour. This technique, using hand made artist quality oil paint, creates a sense of depth and vibrancy of colour. I am trying to raise funds to hold an exhibition of my work, here is a link to my GoFundMe page The profile picture is my West Highland Terrier, Angus

List of contributions

Angus The Pheasant
Categories: Oil paint, Painted
‘Early Birds’
Categories: Oil paint