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George Bain's techniques have inspired many artists and designers to adapt Celtic art for their work. Compare, contrast and enjoy their contributions.

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They Protect You From Your Nightmares
Type: Painting
Categories: Acrylic ink, Marker pen, Paper, Pen and ink, Pencil
Celtic Belt
Type: Belt
Categories: Leather, Carved
Type: Drawing
Categories: Crayon, Paper, Pen and ink
Leather Tool Roll
Type: Cover
Categories: Leather, Carved
The Harper
Type: Illustration
Categories: Paper, Pen and ink, Pencil, Painted
Sutton Hoo Belt Buckle Pyrography
Type: Plaque
Categories: Wood
Endless circle
Type: Drawing
Categories: Crayon, Paper, Pen and ink
Reimagining the Book of Durrow
Type: Painting
Categories: Acrylic ink, Metal, Watercolour, Painted
Celtic Greyhounds
Type: Illustration
Categories: Marker pen, Pen and ink, Computer generated
Type: Drawing
Categories: Crayon, Pen and ink
Children of lir
Type: Painting
Categories: Paper
Beast of Kells
Type: Drawing
Categories: Conte crayon, Marker pen, Paper