The George Bain Collection

George Bain (1881-1968) was a Scottish illustrator, watercolourist, designer and art teacher whose vision and advocacy of a living, creative Celtic craft provides an important and influential contribution to continued interest in Celtic and Insular art.

This website gives free access to The George Bain Collection and provides a platform for artists and craftspeople to share and discuss work inspired by the Celtic style.

Held by Groam House Museum, The George Bain Collection is a Recognised Collection of National Significance to Scotland.

From the collection

An early version of Methods of Construction (1)

Type: Camera-ready artwork
Categories: Card
This appears to be the first knotwork page for a book that George Bain was preparing in 1935. But it isn’t the original artwork. Instead it seems to be a…

Four knotted birds

Type: Wall hanging
Categories: Textile, Embroidered
This long, narrow embroidery really is stunning. At more than 1m long it could either be a wall hanging or a table runner. It consists of two pairs of birds,…

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Aulde Grumps The King
A loving tribute to Aulde Grumps who is a very feral cat who I have been feeding for over two years now. Though he is a wild old boy he…
Greeting the sun
Handmade felt with Harris Tweed appliqué and machine embroidery. Approximately 75cm square
Rosemarkie Crescent and V-Rod
Carved in Cop Crag Sandstone, the crescent and v-rod from Rosemarkie.
Paper, Pen and ink
Made for my father, Jean-Claude, for father’s day.