The George Bain Collection

George Bain (1881-1968) was a Scottish illustrator, watercolourist, designer and art teacher whose vision and advocacy of a living, creative Celtic craft provides an important and influential contribution to continued interest in Celtic and Insular art.

This website gives free access to The George Bain Collection and provides a platform for artists and craftspeople to share and discuss work inspired by the Celtic style.

Held by Groam House Museum, The George Bain Collection is a Recognised Collection of National Significance to Scotland.

From the collection

Large rug hunting

Type: Rug
Categories: Textile, Machine woven
The details in the design of this rug are amazing and well worth a closer look. They include huntsmen on horseback, wild boar, deer and hounds. It was called ‘The…

Knotwork from Durrow

Type: Poster
Categories: Ballpoint pen, Paper, Watercolour, Drawn
George Bain was fascinated by the various geometric designs used in the early medieval Book of Durrow. He couldn’t refer to the original, so he copied the images that were…

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Chess box
Plain bought chess box and pyrographed
Wooden plate – pyrographed
Terracotta plate
Carved at the leather hard stage and then burnished with a metal spoon
Stone circle
Pen and ink
A tribute to the ancient people who built stone circle, and all ancient megalithic places all around the world