The George Bain Collection

George Bain (1881-1968) was a Scottish illustrator, watercolourist, designer and art teacher whose vision and advocacy of a living, creative Celtic craft provides an important and influential contribution to continued interest in Celtic and Insular art.

This website gives free access to The George Bain Collection and provides a platform for artists and craftspeople to share and discuss work inspired by the Celtic style.

Held by Groam House Museum, The George Bain Collection is a Recognised Collection of National Significance to Scotland.

From the collection

A guid new year

Type: Printing block
Categories: Metal, Wood, Engraved
This intriguing piece came with a collection of other small items in a finely decorated box. All were donated by the family of George Bain. It is a small wooden…

A knotty plaque

Type: Plaque
Categories: Wood, Carved
This looks rather like a work in progress or an experimental piece. It doesn’t seem to be quite finished. The design is quite complex for such a small carving and…

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Good News
Symbols of the Four Evangelists with the first verse of their Gospels
More 3d deconstructed Celtic art inspired by George Bain. Oil on canvas.
‘Early Birds’
Oil paint
This is where it all started. I wanted to bring some of the ideas I first saw in George Bain’s book to life and add my own spin to them.…
Marker pen, Oil paint, Pencil
An oil pastel vessel reflecting the mystery of being.