The George Bain Collection

George Bain (1881-1968) was a Scottish illustrator, watercolourist, designer and art teacher whose vision and advocacy of a living, creative Celtic craft provides an important and influential contribution to continued interest in Celtic and Insular art.

This website gives free access to The George Bain Collection and provides a platform for artists and craftspeople to share and discuss work inspired by the Celtic style.

Held by Groam House Museum, The George Bain Collection is a Recognised Collection of National Significance to Scotland.

From the collection

Interlaced man and beasts

Type: Poster
Categories: Ballpoint pen, Crayon, Paper, Pencil
Bird, serpent, beast and man fill a small square on a page in the Book of Kells, created over 1200 years ago. Bain made this large detailed drawing so his…

Beard-pullers together

Type: Table cloth
Categories: Textile, Embroidered
This amazing design was drawn by George Bain and embroidered by a pupil in a Kirkcaldy High School sewing class. It must have taken hours of work. There are four…

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Cynthia’s horse in key pattern
Marker pen, Paper
This horse was created for one of my dear friends who I met while pursuing my MLitt in Celtic Studies. She loves horses and was extensively researching key pattern. The…
Celtic Nativity
Acrylic ink, Paper
The first in a series I am working on depicting the saints in the Insular art style and one of my first serious attempts at creating an Insular-style piece. Created…
Celtic angel chasuble
Priest’s chasuble Tartan is Buchanan (ancient colours), embroidered with metallic threads on wool/poly blend fabric
Celtic firebirds
Harris Tweed – machine embroidery.