Ruth Black

I am a textile artist specialising in work that incorporates Celtic and Pictish design. My education and training was in the sciences and I think that my liking for pattern and form stems from this background.
For many years textile art was a hobby, but for the last 3 decades I have been working professionally. Most of my work involves machine embroidery and I have developed a style and technique that lends itself well to both formal geometric knotwork and key patterns and to looser forms.
When I first became interested in Celtic design back in the 1990s, my guide was George Bain's Celtic Art, The Methods of Construction and it was through this book that I was able to analyse the structures and use this knowledge to develop my own style.
My studio is at Inchmore, just a few miles from Inverness, where I work largely with natural fibres, particularly wool and silk. In addition to embroidery, I use a wide variety of textile techniques including weaving and feltmaking.


List of contributions

Greeting the sun
Type: Wall hanging
Categories: Textile, Embroidered
Celtic firebirds
Type: Wall hanging
Categories: Textile, Appliqued, Embroidered, Machine stitched
Celtic angel chasuble
Type: Clothing
Categories: Textile, Appliqued, Embroidered