marjory tait

I’m hugely proud of my Highland heritage and roots, and feel that draws me towards ornamental art forms developed by both ancient and modern Celts. Living on the family croft above Loch Ness, I spend much of my time in nature, observing plants and animals in their natural habitat. My graphic illustrations are inspired by both the local flora and fauna, where I recreate them through my own Celtic Art, with a contemporary twist.


List of contributions

The Green Man
Type: Greetings card, Illustration
Categories: Watercolour, Painted
Celtic Sparring Hares
Type: Greetings card
Categories: Pen and ink, Drawn
The Wedding of the Robin and the Wren
Type: Greetings card, Illustration
Categories: Pencil, Watercolour, Painted
Snowdrop greetings card
Type: Greetings card
Categories: Card, Commercially printed
Forget me not ceramic hanger
Type: Wall hanging
Categories: Ceramic, Transfer printed