Nigel Simon

i create celtic artwork using two or three dimensional vector scaling ( this places a pixel at a particular point in space, determined by the scales. i.e i can put a pixel at 123456.123456789 , 654321.987654321 on a two dimensional scale... the third scale how near or far away it is.. sometimes that is problematic, because pixels cannot overlap in 2D - especially a problem when creating circles, since a circle diameter uses PI which starts 3.14, and one cannot have 3. 14 pixels... i am using Celtic endless knots to create clock face designs.. and that itself is a problem 12 and 24 cannot be the same point... and the fractions of degree for minute and second placement on a circle can only be done accurately on a computer using vector drawing ... else one cannot resize without distortion.. you want a bigger or smaller clock? you must use vector to get nearer or further away.. just like text on a pc increases size of text accurately.. i have an example to share.


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Clock face design in vector
Type: Illustration
Categories: Paper, Computer generated