Alix Sandra Huntley-Speirs

Born in Canada, Celtic art beckoned me to come live in Scotland for almost ten years in the early 1990's. It was a unique opportunity to produce Celtic art, and teach at a number of outlets during this time. George Bain was a significant influence with his publication on Celtic Art construction methods, and his son, Iain Bain, who I had the privilege of meeting and working with at the annual Celtic Art Fairs at Finlaystone House in Renfrewshire. We spoke then of how J. Romilly Allen was not unlike the great-grandfather of the modern Celtic art movement... George Bain, our beloved grandfather... and how Iain's work brought a new perspective into the mix, like the father of this next generation of artists. Upon my return to Canada, raising a young family, I am only recently returning to this work in earnest, and developing my own text based upon my findings through the years that I hope to publish in the near future, as I continue to work at various projects and commissions

List of contributions

Celtic First Holy Communion Card
Type: Greetings card
Categories: Pen and ink, Watercolour, Painted
Celtic Frog
Type: Drawing
Categories: Pen and ink, Tattooed
An dá Ghrian {The Two Suns}
Type: Painting
Categories: Paper, Watercolour, Painted