Two Dragons Sporran

By Kerry Moncrieff

Type: Sporran

Technique: Tooled

Material: Leather

Width: 19cm | Height: 24cm

Production date: 2018

This sporran is an example of a design of my own creation, inspired by the Celtic knotwork of George Bain, as well as the work of other such brilliant artists as Alan Lee. The dragon design is hand tooled into a 5 oz. vegi tanned cowhide, which was then hand dyed. The front piece is also embellished with a two loop Spanish lace. Although the design is based on classic elements of Celtic knotwork, this piece, I think, reflects less traditional line spacing and has more organic flow.

The overall form of the sporran is derived from the classic Hunting Style Sporrans of the 19th & 20th Centuries.

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