Our Lady of The Dome

By Michael Carroll

Type: Painting

Technique: Drawn, Painted

Material: Parchment, Traditional pigments

Width: 28cm | Height: 35.5cm

Production date: 2020

An illuminated quote from a 1928 sonnet by Rev. Patrick J. Carroll, CSC, Vice President of Notre Dame University. Done in 8th century Kells style with egg tempera on vellum, this artwork incorporates elements of 1920s Art Deco, as well as religious symbolism reflecting the poem and the poet.

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4 comments on “Our Lady of The Dome

    1. Hi Lynne–
      Thanks! Alas, I don’t collect and grind my own minerals (not that I haven’t considered it, but safety first!). For this piece I used commercially ground pigments. A 50/50 mixture of egg yolk and glair works well to bind the colors to the vellum, just as it did in the 8th century.

  1. Not that all your work isn’t exceptional – but this one is the exceptional of the exceptional.

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