Here Come The Warriors

By Gus Elson

Type: Illustration

Technique: Computer generated

Material: Paper

Width: 30cm

Production date: 2021

One of my great passions about Celtic art is the geometric designs and this one showcases it.
I always like to add a hint of spiral to my construction when forming circles. I find it gives the design movement.
I found this design a real challenge to construct but good fun.

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2 comments on “Here Come The Warriors

  1. There is so much detail in this, Gus. Every time I zoom in I see something different. It’s mesmerising!

  2. Thank you very much for such wonderful words and very pleased you like it as it was lots of fun to construc
    Very sorry for the late reply but sometimes I do this new fangled thing called the internet and other times I stay away and just skulk about in the 8th century.x

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