Durrow shawl

By Lucy Hague

Type: Clothing

Technique: Knitted

Material: Textile

Width: 162.5cm | Height: 76cm

Production date: 2017

This triangular shawl has a border composed of intertwined square Celtic knots, which are worked separately in alternating centre-out/centre-in knitted squares, and joined at each edge to produce a continuous knot flowing across the border. The two-colour effect is achieved using a combination of slipped-stitches and cable knitting. This shawl pattern is published in my second book, Illuminated Knits (2017).

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One comment on “Durrow shawl

  1. I’ve been following you on instagram and ravelry for a while now. Love your designs! I’ve purchased a couple but haven’t started knitting yet. Probably in the fall.

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