Cynthia’s horse in key pattern

By Ann Lorenc

Type: Drawing

Technique: Drawn

Material: Marker pen, Paper

Production date: 2017

This horse was created for one of my dear friends who I met while pursuing my MLitt in Celtic Studies. She loves horses and was extensively researching key pattern. The spiraling of the joints and the simplified face was based from the descriptions I saw in George Bain’s ‘Methods of Construction’ under animals, specifically the horse. As with most of my animal drawings, I use large spirals for the joints and then add a simple pattern or a more complex motif within the main body. In this case, because my friend was studying key pattern, I used key pattern for the body of the horse. The original artwork is PrismaColor markers on Bristol smooth paper and I made an iron on transfer of it in order to create a t-shirt for my friend.

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