Cladagh Lake

By Mickey O'Reilly

Type: Print

Technique: Screen printed

Material: Card, Inks, Metal

Width: 12cm | Height: 12cm

Production date: 2017

The entire center design is composed of a single unbroken line. The finished piece was achieved by silk screening, gilding in aluminum leaf and printing a transparent blue glaze over the leaf. The design is composed of a single motif (unit), joined, repeated and drafted to conform it to a circle. I also made 3 variations (not shown) as rectangular designs that highlite the versatility of the original unit.

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2 comments on “Cladagh Lake

  1. Just saw your response…my bad. I screen print primarily on watercolor paper, although I have done reverse printing on glass. If you’re ever interessted in the process, let me know and I share the process.

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