‘Celtic Web’ Sporran

By Kerry Moncrieff

Type: Sporran

Technique: Tooled

Material: Leather

Width: 20cm | Height: 21.5cm

Production date: 2020

This is a bit abstract in the Craftsman style of the early 20th Century, but the inspiration is directly influenced by the Celtic knotwork. The flap has a Celtic knotwork pattern that consists of a combination of cutouts and and stamping which visually provide the knotwork impression. The flap is hand cut, stamped and dyed from vegi tanned cowhide. The backing leather is a soft “Skye Blue”, a color inspired by a trip the the Isle of Skye.

The form of the sporran is in the “Rob Roy” style. The tassels are embellished with Turks Head knots, which also highlights the idea of Celtic knotwork.

This sporran can be worn as a belt bag, or on its own sporran belt, or even with a shoulder strap as a purse.

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