Aulde Grumps The King

By Gus Elson

Type: Illustration

Technique: Commercially printed

Material: Paper

Width: 30cm | Height: 30cm

Production date: 2020

A loving tribute to Aulde Grumps who is a very feral cat who I have been feeding for over two years now.
Though he is a wild old boy he is still very regal and always washes after he has been fed, which was my main inspiration for this picture.
He now has two purpose-built cat nests in my shed and sometimes bestows me the great privilege of letting me stroke him, but not always.

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One comment on “Aulde Grumps The King

  1. Awww! This looks very much like my beloved Mr T (Thumpycat) 2002-2018. This work is so funny and original. I do a bit of knotwork. Became pretty obsessed in 2015 having been shown the basic construction method.
    I began a Printmaking Degree at Brighton Uni in 2019. Unfortunately due to the complications arising from the pandemic I was unable to complete the course. However, the course leader trashed my knotting, lumping it in with Manga and tattoos, “no place on in Fine Art” (…???) Verboten. Here we are in the 21st century. Where do they find these idiots? It’s really inspiring to see this. I was doing some quite far out stuff (if the tutor had bothered to look; not merely copying existing designs) but nowhere near as wonderfully pop art crazy as this!!! Great to see. I need to heal from the dictates of that narrow minded, unimaginative philistine! Seeing this work is inspirational; a big help… Thank you!

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