An dá Ghrian {The Two Suns}

By Alix Sandra Huntley-Speirs

Type: Painting

Technique: Painted

Material: Paper, Watercolour

Width: 14.5cm | Height: 24cm

Production date: 1995

Originally inspired by two sisters singing Gaelic harmonies at a pub in Glasgow Scotland, this piece has come to represent Áine and Grainne, sisters of Irish mythology. Áine, whose name means “radiance”, was believed to rule over the light half of the year and Grainne reigned over the darker half. Grainne might also represent another aspect of Áine, the shadow and light that dwells within us all. This piece was painted with mixed media on hand-made paper.

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2 comments on “An dá Ghrian {The Two Suns}

  1. This is really interesting background to the painting – and it’s fantastic to hear an artist speak of their connection to the Bain family, the Finlaystone House exhibition and related histories. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Jill! It was such an honour and a joy to be a participant in a small part of this history! So excited to be able to contribute to the Groam House website and connect to other Celtic artists around the world!

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