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Interlace poster

Object number: ROMGH.1998.24.2

Type: Poster

Material: Ballpoint pen, Paper, Pencil

Width: 53cm | Height: 83.3cm

Production date: 1946 - 1968

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In this poster Bain is exploring interlace as circular frames. The larger circle is just in red to show that it uses a single strand. The smaller circle uses red and blue to indicate a double strand interlace. Counting the central spaces reveals that the single strand has an odd number and the double strand uses an even number.

When this poster was donated to the museum it was attached to others, including one we’ve named Single Strand Interlace. That shows how to draw a single strand rectangular frame using interlacing. In it Bain also compares an odd number of spaces in the centre of the border pattern with an even number.

The semicircle below is a single strand of interlace. He shows clearly how the corners are drawn. Again, counting the central spaces gives 21 in the arc and 14 along the straight edge.

Author: Diana Cobden

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