Erne Lake

Original design composed of a single-unbroken line. Erne Lake was executed by screen printing on watercolor paper. A gold size was screened and gilded with aluminum leaf, a transparent green glaze was printed over the aluminum leaf and the darker green was printed as a knock-out.

Avonmore Lake

Key pattern. Design is composed of a single, unbroken line. This design is one of three variants I completed of the ”Mother” unit. Celtic/Insular art is time and labor intensive, which is why I work in screen prints. Screen printing is a venerable medium that allows me to print a series, that can be shared. Avonmore Lake is a transparent violet glaze over aluminum leaf.

Cladagh Lake

The entire center design is composed of a single unbroken line. The finished piece was achieved by silk screening, gilding in aluminum leaf and printing a transparent blue glaze over the leaf. The design is composed of a single motif (unit), joined, repeated and drafted to conform it to a circle. I also made 3 variations (not shown) as rectangular designs that highlite the versatility of the original unit.