Alpha et Omega

From the book of Revelation, Chapter 22 Verse 13  ‘I am the Alpha and the Omega,  the first and the last, the beginning and the end’. Rendered as another folio in the Lindesfarne Gospel. The text is in two styles, Greek and one imitating those of the other pages of the manuscript. This is a Digital Vector Illustration.

Three dogs

Zoomorphic interweaved dogs, inspired by the great work of George Bain. Created using traditional media: pencils and inkpen, with tracing paper to duplicate the dogs.

A carpet of crosses

In this design Bain uses the five-square cross from the Pictish Ulbster Stone to build an all over pattern. Specific crosses are highlighted using shading to add a layer of complexity. It is quite mesmerising.

There are a number of drawings of the cross in the George Bain Collection. He was clearly fascinated by this particular use of knotwork. And he compared it with numerous other Pictish examples in his Methods of Construction.

The note (‘No 14’ bottom left) probably means that this drawing was a design for a rug or carpet. He submitted over 20 ideas to the manufacturers Quayle and Tranter of Kidderminster. They had commissioned him to produce a range of patterns, some of which were chosen for commercial production. As far as we know this design was not taken any further.