Two-colour belt

This belt, with its aluminium openwork buckle, has a refined design of two coloured interlace along its length. This is an unusual pattern. Each single strand is painted in two colours side by side. When two colours are normally suggested by Bain the design would be formed as two-strand interlace.

The dark-brown leather pieces, with yellow and green interlace, are stitched together. The buckle is engraved with a simple knotwork design highlighted in green and orange-yellow. These colours draw the eye to the simple figure-of-eight twist of knotwork.

Belted interlace

This belt is made of five sections of dyed leather that are joined with over-stitched thongs. The longest section would lie around the back of the wearer. A silver-white paint line creates the open, single-strand, interlace design. The rounded buckle is cut from aluminium. It is engraved with a pattern copied from one of the stones in Meigle Museum. A green-blue colour is used to emphasise it.

This and another belt were donated to the museum by the Bain family, along with other small objects. All had been kept in a decorated, lidded box.