Celtic Cats Leather Wristband

The Celtic Cats wristband is hand tooled from my original design, inspired by the work of George Bain. This is made from hand cut veggie tanned cowhide, and lined with black goatskin leather. As well as being hand tooled, it is also hand dyed and hand finished.

This piece was specifically made for the Groam House “Inspired By Celtic Art – Virtual Studio Tours”. See also moncrieffleathers.com.

Two Dragons Sporran

This sporran is an example of a design of my own creation, inspired by the Celtic knotwork of George Bain, as well as the work of other such brilliant artists as Alan Lee. The dragon design is hand tooled into a 5 oz. vegi tanned cowhide, which was then hand dyed. The front piece is also embellished with a two loop Spanish lace. Although the design is based on classic elements of Celtic knotwork, this piece, I think, reflects less traditional line spacing and has more organic flow.

The overall form of the sporran is derived from the classic Hunting Style Sporrans of the 19th & 20th Centuries.

Celtic Dog Hunting Sporran

This is one of my first attempts of hand tooling an intricate Celtic design in leather, so I used an open source design for the piece. I was quite happy with outcome! I have since progressed to using design patterns which I have created, using original source Celtic designs as inspiration. This sporran is all hand cut, hand sewn, hand dyed, and hand tooled.

‘Celtic Web’ Sporran

This is a bit abstract in the Craftsman style of the early 20th Century, but the inspiration is directly influenced by the Celtic knotwork. The flap has a Celtic knotwork pattern that consists of a combination of cutouts and and stamping which visually provide the knotwork impression. The flap is hand cut, stamped and dyed from vegi tanned cowhide. The backing leather is a soft “Skye Blue”, a color inspired by a trip the the Isle of Skye.

The form of the sporran is in the “Rob Roy” style. The tassels are embellished with Turks Head knots, which also highlights the idea of Celtic knotwork.

This sporran can be worn as a belt bag, or on its own sporran belt, or even with a shoulder strap as a purse.

Keeping score

This has a comparatively simple Celtic design embossed on the front of a leather cover. It is based on a triskele (or ‘triskelion’ meaning three legs). The mix of brown tones enhances the circular design and makes it much more interesting. The back of the cover shows a plain, uncoloured geometric diamond pattern, accentuated by small depressions where the lines intersect. It’s not a Celtic design.

The George Bain Collection has a number of objects that weren’t designed or made by George Bain, his family or his students. This one was purchased by the museum as part of a Heritage Lottery Fund Collecting Cultures grant. It is a comparison for the leather work done by Bain and his associates.