Clock face design in vector

I like endless knotwork, and create modern and abstract designs for circles, in vector 3 dimensional graphics. The dimension are infinite, dependent on scale, just like text is on a computer. The three dimensions are height width and depth, the depth being how near or far away the object is… hence its size, relative to position in space. The smallest object one can place at a point in space ( the point is an independent mathematical scale ) is a pixel. Pixels cannot overlap two dimensionally – but can in three dimensions. For graphics on a PC screen or TV, one uses just two dimensions for the pixel placement, and the third dimension is how near or far away from it one is.

i explore all kinds of abstract and traditional celtic knotwork designs, but favour the ability of computer graphics for vector work, since my hands cannot reliably reproduce the spatial accuracy needed. I use a laser to cut such designs in wood and the lines are accurate to 1/3rd, to 1/5th of a mm .

Alpha et Omega

From the book of Revelation, Chapter 22 Verse 13  ‘I am the Alpha and the Omega,  the first and the last, the beginning and the end’. Rendered as another folio in the Lindesfarne Gospel. The text is in two styles, Greek and one imitating those of the other pages of the manuscript. This is a Digital Vector Illustration.


Carpet page utilizing all four of the major motifs of Celtic Art – interlace, spirals, key patterns and zoomorphs. The birds take you on a journey around the image visiting the musicians, while the dogs protect all four corners.

Here Come The Warriors

One of my great passions about Celtic art is the geometric designs and this one showcases it.
I always like to add a hint of spiral to my construction when forming circles. I find it gives the design movement.
I found this design a real challenge to construct but good fun.

Easter Cross 2021

Collage Cross that I created for Easter.
The picture showcases the different textures I have incorporated into the design, including gems.
The main inspiration for this design was antique bible covers and Russian icons.