Celtic Circle of Life

Celtic Circle of Life
Inspired by the ancient Celts believed in seven aspects of created life:
Plants • Insects • Reptile
Fish • Bird • Beast • Human
My original design Celtic Circle of Life © incorporates all these aspects in a symbolic format and traditional style. Padruig Designs are all original works by Michelle Marshall following in the style and tradition of Pictish and Celtic art.

Hound and Hare

The inspiration of this piece is my interest in both the Celtic hound and hare in Irish mythology. I also was in the process of developing a logo and I came up with this.
All work on this drawing is freehand pen and ink.

Celtic Sparring Hares

A very early image depicting two hares sparring in the moonlight.
The original drawing was produced in pen and ink. The image was then scanned into Photoshop and the eggshell blue colour added to give some interest.
Used predominantly on greetings cards, this image is also my logo design.