Our Lady of The Dome

An illuminated quote from a 1928 sonnet by Rev. Patrick J. Carroll, CSC, Vice President of Notre Dame University. Done in 8th century Kells style with egg tempera on vellum, this artwork incorporates elements of 1920s Art Deco, as well as religious symbolism reflecting the poem and the poet.

Book of Kells John Portrait reproduction

This is an at scale reproduction of the Book of Kells St John portrait page made using the same tools, materials and techniques as the original artist. It’s not finished because some aspects require further research. The white pigment gypsum doesn’t handle very well and it isn’t clear how or why the Kells artists preferred it over white lead. There is also an as yet unidentified tool mark in the halo which has been used to make a series of small circles, its not a compass or a feather barrel, and at some point it split but the artist continued to use it leaving behind a valuable but enigmatic clue in the trail of slightly warped and incomplete circles around St John’s halo.

Ligno Vitae

This piece mixes traditional insular techniques and materials with modern graffiti markers and letter styles. The work is on parchment with the tree of life and the word Ligno created using the geometry and pigments from the Book of Kells including, oak bark ink, cudbear lichen, orpiment, lead, woad and Verdigris. The word Vitae is painted in graffiti markers with the traditional pairing of chrome and black associated with the simpler graffiti scripts. The theme is based on the extinction rebellion terminology for climate change, that the world is on fire.